Ten-Tora : Natural Land Transfer

This post will teach you the most important technique called “Ten-Tora”.

Ten-Tora is the omission of “Tennen Land Transfer“, “Tennen” means nature. This technique gives you the effect of the spell card Land Transfer without using a card.

Land Transfer (Spell)

First, I will explain the spell card Land Transfer.

Land Transfer
Spell / Strange / G:100
Releases target territory from User’s control and reverts it to Magic at 70% of its value.

Land Transfer is a difficult card for beginners to understand. To know what happens when you use this card, you must know the relationship between the Total Magic and the Current Magic.

The Magic needed to raise the value of the land is as follows.

» 2 » 3 » 4 » 5
Level 1 » 80G 240G 560G 1200G
Level 2 » 160G 480G 1120G
Level 3 » 320G 960G
Level 4 » 640G

The relationship between level and value is as follows.

1 Chain 2 Chain 3 Chain 4 Chain 5 Chain
Level 1 100G 150G 180G 200G 220G
Level 2 200G 300G 360G 400G 440G
Level 3 400G 600G 720G 800G 880G
Level 4 800G 1200G 1440G 1600G 1760G
Level 5 1600G 2400G 2880G 3200G 3520G

For example, the cost of raising the Level 1 land to Level 5 is 1200G. The value of 5 Chain Level 5 land is 3520G. When you use the card, your total magic changes as follows.

Action Current Magic Land A Land B Land C Land D Land E Total Magic
Start 1300G 220G 220G 220G 220G 220G 2400G
Up A 100G 3520G 220G 220G 220G 220G 4500G
Use Spell 2464G 200G 200G 200G 200G 3264G
Up B 1264G 3200G 200G 200G 200G 5064G
Up C 64G 3200G 3200G 200G 200G 6864G

Culdcept is a game that increases assets by investing cash. If you sell expensive land and invest in another land, your assets will increase. Land Transfer has the effect of accelerating your investment speed.


Ten-Tora is a technique to get the card effect without a card.

If a toll fee or spell effect causes your Current Magic to go below 0, you must sell lands or gems until you have at least 0G. Ten-Tora uses this system.

If you get expensive lands, you go to your opponent’s land. Then adjust the Current Magic, pay the toll fee, and make your Current Magic below 0. And you sell expensive land and get a lot of Magic.


  • The chain is important. Let’s increase the chain.
  • A toll fee of a few hundred G is a chance to Ten-Tora.
  • Instead of leveling up, you can control your magic by summoning high cost creacher and intentionally losing the battle.
  • You must not give up if you cannot avoid the high-priced land of your opponent. By reducing the magic reduction in the Ten-Tora, you will be easier to revive.
  • Take care of Drain Magic.

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